// Data warehouse goes live!

The new data warehouse has gone live on the vLearning platform for all subscriptions. This new feature is backed by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and will enable a new range of advanced reporting and analytics based features to be included in the coming months.

The key goals of this new development are

  1. to provide both aggregate and fine-grained information across all learning interactions
  2. to provide instant access without impacting other system performance
  3. to provide a high degree of flexibility in how data can be filtered and analysed

Example questions that will be accessible using the new system include:

  • What activity has there been on an event?
  • What learning modes do learners prefer?
  • Who are the most involved learners?
  • How well is X performing compared to her peers?
  • Who has shared the most files?

This provides support for enhanced analytics dashboards andĀ also paves the way further gamification features to encourage increased learner engagement and motivation.


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