// Blended learning

Our cloud service enables you to deliver engaging and effective blended learning activities on a global scale.

Linking learning resources

Engage your learners more effectively:

The vLearning platform provides a blended learning framework to design and deliver learning solutions that pull learning activities from multiple sources such as an LMS, an intranet, knowledge repositories, subject-matter experts, and the wider web, and deploy them via one engaging interface for your learners.

Extend your learning ecosystem beyond the LMS:

With the increase in the number of learning tools and techniques available to organisations, the vLearning platform is designed to support the concept of the learning stack. It enables organisations to customise the online learning environment on top of the base LMS functionality, or to create an online solution if they don't have an LMS.

Increase your ROI in web conferencing:

Get the best of both online and live learning by seamlessly blending virtual classrooms, webinars, mentoring, coaching and social collaboration with your asynchronous learning activities. The vLearning platform integrates with leading web conferencing systems such as WebEx and Adobe Connect to provide a unique learner interface where live, online learning activities sit alongside self-paced learning.

Combine a wide range of different learning modes to create highly engaging and effective blended learning solutions - at last, you can really make webinars and virtual classroom training work for you.

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