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If you are looking to move your learning delivery model to an online environment then remember there is more to online learning than investing in SCORM packaged e-learning courses.

Linking learning resources

Before you rush out to spend money on expensive and complicated authoring tools, give some consideration to the breadth of information that is already available for you to use in your learning activities.

Curation of learning content has not been an option for organisations as they have been dependent upon their LMS for hosting and deployment of online content.

That is until now! The vLearning platform hosts, or links to, a wide range of different learning content, bringing it all together into one intuitive and engaging web interface for your learners.

It can talk to your LMS so you can still use your e-learning packages, but rather than keep them in isolation on the LMS, now you can sit them alongside a huge variety of other types of content and activities.

We wanted to give course creators the opportunity to create effective online and blended learning solutions without being restricted to using e-learning authoring tools.

The vLearning multi-modal delivery platform opens up a wealth of creative opportunities where learning designers can quickly and easily build rich learning solutions from a variety of content at their disposal.

vLearning course

For example, if you are looking to move your classroom courses to an online delivery format, they will comprise different components and activities, many of which can be migrated to an online environment:

  • Course manuals can become e-books
  • Video clips and presentations can be played online
  • Diagrams, flip charts and white-board activities can all be great visual representations online
  • Exercises, quizzes and tests are often completed by learners in the classroom on their own, so why not port those onto an online format too?
  • Enrich the online version of the course by sign-posting learners to related web or intranet content
  • By reducing the classroom elements to more self-paced activities look at the opportunity to draw out the interactive parts of your course and run them in shorter, high-impact virtual classroom sessions

Re-use your intellectual assets to save time and money, and bring learning together from multiple sources into a single, all-in-one learning environment.

Unlike those complex authoring tools, the vLearning design tool is not a programming language. Anyone can quickly start using it to easily create online and blended learning activities.

Heard enough? Now see it in action!

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