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At vLearning Solutions, we are passionate about designing learning technology that can help to transform the way people learn. An online learning environment should be somewhere that people want to go to learn or to get the information they need to do their jobs better.

We take inspiration from the way that technology is used in social networking, where people make the time to use it because they want to - not because they are instructed to. Our designers are using gamification techniques to drive similar behaviours from users of the vLearning platform.

Gamification increases learner engagement in blended and social learning. It can provide the motivation and incentive for learners to take responsibility for their learning and development. The vLearning gamification features ensure learner engagement, through healthy competition and crediting successes.

Gamification uses the gaming mechanics that bring out people’s natural desire for competition, achievement, and recognition. The gamification mechanics are as follows:


  • Learners gain "experience points" for participating in learning activities 
  • Experience points can be attributed to goals 
  • Learners can see how they are progressing towards goals 
  • Learners receive recognition for achieving goals 
  • Learners can compare their performance with other learners 
  • Learners can share their achievements


Visual motivators such as leader-boards, progress trackers, awards and badges can be used to make the gamification features work effectively.

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