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Bite sized

Research tells us that we best understand and retain information when it is presented to us in concise "chunks".

Today's learners do not have the time to commit to lengthy study periods. They want information presented to them in a way that they can quickly access it and understand it.

Bite-size learning (often called "micro-learning") is easier for learners to fit into their busy schedules at the point when they need it.

Organisations also benefit from shorter learning activities as they are less disruptive to the productivity of their learners.

The vLearning platform provides a modular framework to help you break your learning activities down into "micro-learning chunks" for the most effective results.

Learning templates

Built-in templates make it quick and simple to create short, digestible, well-planned learning activities that are easier for your learners to engage with.

Combine brief info-sheets, hints & tips, FAQs, short video clips, links to web resources, and quick quizzes for learning modules that take only minutes to complete.

Mobile friendly

The vLearning platform can be accessed on most smart devices making it an ideal solution for learners to engage with small chunks of learning instantly, anytime, and from anywhere.


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