// Introducing the vLearning platform

Today's 21st century learner is always close to a screen. Using a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone they can access information instantly, wherever they maybe.

Learning is rapidly moving away from classroom training to online.

The challenge for today's learner is knowing where to find the best learning content, and how to remember the myriad different online systems they have to interact with.

The challenge for today's learning provider is how to engage an online learning community most effectively by making online learning solutions learner-centric, and thus maximise the benefit of the resources they have at their disposal.

To overcome these challenges, vLearning Solutions offers a unique cloud service - the vLearning platform.

Blended course zone


The vLearning platform gives your learners a single location for all their learning.

It provides an engaging web interface that extends your LMS to include learning activities from many other sources.

On a single web screen you can mix activities from your intranet, your company website, your knowledge databases, your training classes, your webinars and virtual classrooms, and the wider web (YouTube, TED, Wikipedia, Khan Academy, Blogs, etc).

Intuitive to use, simple to navigate, quick to access and mobile for any device...

  • Saving your learners time
  • Reducing time-to-competence
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing learner satisfaction with their learning service
  • Saving your organisation money





The vLearning platform gives your learning providers a rapid learning deployment tool that will help you to transform your business.

The vLearning platform is available on an annual subscription.

  • You get a dedicated online vLearning platform
  • We brand your vLearning platform and give it your organisation's look and feel
  • We provide training to your administrators who will be managing your platform - but this doesn't take long as the platform is so easy to use
  • We help you create your first user accounts, and design your first learning activities
  • We can have everything set-up for you within a day or two!
Administration home


Your administrators use a wide range of tools to manage the platform as you require. They can:

  • Manage user accounts and assign users to learning activities
  • Use templates to design multi-modal learning interventions that can mix virtual classrooms, social learning and as many self-paced learning activities as you need
  • Rapidly launch schedules of blended learning based on your design templates
  • Upload learning content to our cloud storage for hosting by us
  • Tag content and activities for learners to quickly find what they need using search filters and tag clouds
  • Create virtual classroom sessions without signing into your web conferencing system
  • Automatically capture live recordings of WebEx and Adobe Connect sessions
  • Create tests and surveys to monitor the progress of your learners
  • Facilitate social learning discussions and file sharing



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Get the best of both online and LIVE learning by seamlessly blending virtual classrooms, webinars, mentoring, coaching and social collaboration with self-paced learning.

Break the mould of 9-to-5 classroom training and use the vLearning platform to create your own learning environment for the 21st century.

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