// Rapid briefing - Agile blended learning - Speed to deploy and manage a modern blend

// Thursday 20th October 13:00 BST (GMT+1)

The explosion of new rich media digital channels present new ways to organise learning activities and resources.

Speed and agility are critical, and capability needs to be developed and updated frequently and rapidly.

Agile blended learning provides a fast and versatile delivery capability that is easily adapted to keep pace.

Finding an approach that is comprehensive, integrated and contextualised is a challenge - supporting these new modes, all in one place and linked together, curated for an optimal learning journey.


This rapid briefing will:

  • Survey the full breadth of new Agile Blend Activities: Live online classes and recordings, video, elearning, documents, web links, assessments, on-the-job assignments, discussions and recommendations.
  • Demonstrate a unified learning ecosystem for Agile Blended Learning.
  • Explain how to rapidly create modular guided learning paths – offering push and pull alternatives.
  • Present an intuitive, modern learner experience that reduces time-to-competence and increases business performance.

 Join us for this 30 minute rapid briefing on Thursday 20th October 13:00 BST (GMT+1)

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