// Rapid briefing - Microlearning: meeting the demands of your digital learners

// TBA November 2016 at 13:00 GMT

Reflecting the explosion of digital learning formats and our access to information online and on-demand, Microlearning is a new model to satisfy individual learning speeds, styles and preferred channels.

The barriers are the need for new technology and methods to create an environment for managing microlearning so that their learners can easily understand what is available, how to access it and where it fits in the wider context. Learning designers need to be able to curate these components rapidly and measure usage and impact.

Join us for this 30-minute rapid briefing on TBA November 2016 at 13:00 GMT.


In this rapid briefing we will cover how to:

  • Use the science of chunking, multi-modal intervention, spacing, repetition and good learning design are inherent in Microlearning.
  • Achieve productivity gains through reduced time to learn, improved learner engagement and reduced time away from the job and time to competence
  • Maintain refreshed, up to date materials.
  • Speed-up learning design by cutting development time and costs by curating effective assets. In contrast to complex linear SCORM e-learning.
  • Accelerate skills development with curated structures so colleagues can access knowledge support as required. A combination of Push and Pull.
  • Track and align metrics to performance to calibrate the curation of activities and content.
  • Provide a platform supporting all modes including Live elements, micro courses, or micro-elements within larger courses.


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