// Rapid briefing recordings

Welcome to our Rapid Briefings recordings page.

Here you will find short excerpts taken directly from our Rapid live online briefings. These are tasters for the series which provides comprehensive, practical and time-effective treatment of foundational topics in modern online blended learning. The current series includes; Microlearning, Live Online Learning and Agile Blended Learning.

Below are snippets from our session “Unleashing the full potential of live online learning”. Mark Rees, our Director of client engagement, illustrates key requirements to maximise the value of virtual classroom learning to your organisation.

// Managing multiple events

How a modern learning platform makes it easy to quickly schedule multiple live online learning events within one learning intervention.

// Supporting Live events with multi-mode content all in one place

How a modern learning platform provides easy-to-use templates for learning designers to quickly build live online learning events that are blended with many other different learning activities - video, virtual classroom recordings, SCORM e-learning, web links, documents, assessments, discussions, uploads, podcasts, twitter and more.

For details of our May Rapid briefing series on key topics on modern blended digital learning; Microlearning, Live online learning and Agile blended learning click here.

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