// Rapid briefing - What is NextGen Learning; defining a MLS (Modern Learning System)

// Thursday 2nd March 13:00 GMT

A NextGen learning capability demands an ecosystem of tools and technologies for the modern workplace.  Today’s challenge for L&D is how to get there.

How does L&D satisfy modern learners who expect on-demand, mobile, social and fully blended learning.

NextGen Learning requires NextGen administration and design through curation and flexible learning paths.

A Modern Learning System integrates best of breed tools, provides multimodal support and tracks all activity at a granular level to provide NextGen precision reporting.


This rapid briefing will:

  • Plot the evolution of L&D options helping you position your organisation on a NextGen roadmap.
  • Describe the nature of the new learner experience.  “Always on”, engaging, mobile, personalised and fully multi-modal.
  • Explain why learning administrators/designers need an easy UI to rapidly create flexible learner pathways.
  • Present the key features for a NextGen Learning system or a MLS (Modern Learning System)

 Join us for this 30 minute rapid briefing on Thursday 2nd March 13:00 GMT

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