Analysis: How Modern Learners Want to Learn

Towards Maturity provides statistically valid benchmarks. In a recent report they asked 10,000 workers "What is most useful to help you learn?"

The focus is on matching the right person with the right content and also providing Interaction as a key part of the online experience.

The findings were:

Mode %
Collaboration 91
Manager Support 81
Mentoring/Coaching 70
Web Search 70
Classroom events 63

Colleagues aged over 50 and those under 30 both rank "collaboration" first at 91%.

The main characteristic of these preferred modes is "interaction", echo of the 70:20:10 model: informal, social, formal.

Beyond web search, we're focussing on facilitated learning, working with subject matter experts, mentoring, coaching, management support and peer to peer activity.

Mind the gap

Examining this from a Learning & Development perspective, from the same survey: this data presents the gaps you report between what you want to deliver and capability.

Skill Aspiration Capability Gap
Facilitating collaboration 95 23 72
Live online delivery 94 30 64
Digital content 94 31 63
Blended learning 97 44 53
Coaching and mentoring 96 52 44

This represents considerable opportunity cost.

These L&D capability gaps correspond directly with the methods that modern workers are looking for. Your aspirations match those of your colleagues.

How can we bridge these gaps?

Josh Bersin, of Deloitte reports the range of technology available and bringing it together in one place is a big challenge for L&D. He observes the emergence of "Integrated Learning Platforms". We will be analysing the implications of this next and in our insight briefing series.