Digital learning for the modern learner.

The vLearning Platform (vLP) is designed to satisfy the way that your learners want to learn - quick to access, modern content formats, easy to consume, guided and self-directed, at the point of need.

We’ve developed a platform for great learner experiences so you can make a step change now... all your learning connected in one place, easily organised, intuitively delivered.

And, as we add the latest innovations in learning, you will always have a forward looking, sustainable learning platform that supports the evolution of your learning culture.


I have not seen anything like this before, it is ideal for managing blended, online and virtual classroom learning.

Colin Steed - Former CEO, The Learning & Performance Institute


All your learning in one place

There are so many different learning technologies available to you, the challenge is taking advantage of them... together in unison.

The vLP brings together all disparate systems and content into one, seamlessly connected, learning environment.

You can manage everything within the vLP, or you can use it to extend an ecosystem around your existing systems, such as your LMS.

Connected learning, all in one place:

Digital content

Videos, documents, curated web resources, SCORM eLearning


Discussions, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Twitter, content sharing

Live online learning

Plug-in your web conferencing systems for virtual classrooms, online coaching, SME workshops, and webinars


On-the-job practice, assignments, reflective notes and quizzes

Extend your learning contribution

Include formal, informal, self-directed, social and performance support.

  • Easily combine all modes of a true modern blend
  • Promote a practical, on-the-job, self-directed learning culture
  • Maximise the use of your SMEs and internal resources
  • Enhance formal learning with informal and experiential learning
  • Add social learning for peer support and knowledge sharing
  • Exploit the full potential of virtual classrooms



Keep things simple for your learners – avoid sending them to different systems for different types of activities.


Today’s learner expects the full learning mix

Digital media, video, blog posts, websites, podcasts, social discussions, virtual classrooms, webinars, and much more. A good Learning Ecosystem should support designers to curate the many resources readily available to them and to present them to their learners in an intuitive and engaging way.

We give you an EASY and FLEXIBILE way to create, deliver and manage learning that integrates ALL of your learning resources – synchronous and asynchronous; formal and informal; push and pull.

Rapid design and curation

The vLP makes it simple to blend and curate activities into cohesive "Learner Experiences" – synchronous and asynchronous; formal and informal; push and pull.

No technical authoring expertise required.

Use templates to quickly and easily build your instructional design.

"Pick & Mix" different modes in one "Learner Experience".

Move from content creation to CONTENT CURATION.

Intuitively group activities into context-related modules.

Save templates for instant re-use.

Full support for "Live Online"

Fully integrate virtual classrooms and webinars into your "Learner Experiences".

Plug-in your web conferencing systems such as WebEx, Connect and Gototraining.

Blend with pre and post-class activities.

Keep it simple for your learners and increase engagement.

Full automation of scheduling, bookings, on-boarding, reminders, updates, and class recordings.

Micro-level reporting

Managing your learning is easy in the vLP!

ALL learner activities are tracked ACROSS THE WHOLE ECOSYSTEM to provide micro levels of data for powerful insights.

Use dashboards and data exports to monitor activities.

Assessments and certifications provide performance metrics and track compliance.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your entire ecosystem tracking all activities in a single reporting system.


A modern learner experience

The vLP looks and feels like familiar consumer learning apps such as YouTube, Google and other web resources, so your learners will find it intuitive and easy to use, with no training required.

Visually engaging and easy to navigate.

Your learners clearly understand how to engage and what's in it for them.

Your learners can choose from "PUSH" guided "Learning Experiences"...

...or "PULL" self-directed learning using dynamic 'search and discover' tools for at-point-of-need PERFORMANCE SUPPORT.


Mobile-friendly for any device.

Mobile app for offline learning.

The vLP gives your learners more freedom and flexibility in what and how they learn, to support an on-demand, continuous learning culture.

To see the vLP in action watch this video: